“Opus is as easy as 1-2-3.

Digital training at Fields Good Chicken was a natural transition from paper. After 7 years of creating their own content, and hundreds of sessions of in-person training, an upgrade was needed. Elisa needed a solution that was not only technologically modern but also aligned with their values. Fields Good Chicken takes pride in their passion for reducing food waste, recycling, and many other sustainable practices. Why not do the same for paper?

Technology that is accessible and sustainable

“The world is everything digital. Digital training is a cleaner method. At Field Good Chicken, we’re about sustainability and leaving the world a little bit better. Opus fits into all of that.”

Elisa and the team at Fields Good Chicken wanted a platform that’ll go hand in hand with her earlier sentiments. Because her employees were using their phones on a daily basis for a multitude of things, using a mobile-first app would not be too difficult of a migration. Elisa states “they’re using their phones for everything. It’s easy for them to pull up something very quickly.” In addition to the ease of access, a digital training app was also easier to update things regarding compliance, menu changes and other announcements.

We can push messages to all of our locations without having to go in person.”

In addition to the ease of access, the onboarding process with the Customer Success team at Opus was efficient and effortless. “We were aware of how simple Opus was. Not only is the app easy to use, but the team is also really willing to give us whatever we needed for our training. They have been very communicative - a great team to work with.”

Validation, onboarding and re-training made easy

"Some people will move more quickly than others. Others may take more time. We're able to then ask, ‘What are your challenges? What else can I help you with?’. I can check in with my people to see what they are not understanding.”

Opus helped Fields Good Kitchen streamline SOPs and validate employees. Onboarding was now a smooth process. With the paths feature, Elisa can onboard a new employee, give them the necessary training, validate in person with hands-on training, and continue them on a digital training path. After their courses are complete, they receive a certificate of completion. Because reporting is all digital, it’s easier for Elisa to see which employees need more assistance. In addition to check-ins, feedback is provided from her employees. This feedback helps Elisa determine what she needs to revise or redo in the content creation process.

Fields Good Chicken uses Opus to cater to different learners

“It's been a great way to just monitor and help us become more aware of where we are and where we can be better.”

Creating content is easy. Because of the pre-built templates, Elisa can quickly use a template to make fit her company. For courses that are related to compliance, they have the ability to break it up into four 15-minute sessions of content creation Most content is put out in under 15 mins. Weekly snapshots and reporting is a great reminder for her team. It helps Elisa re-focus on what changes need to be made or who to contact, especially when the stores get busy. Elisa uses this reporting during the round table meetings with the general managers which set them up for success for their individual teams. For Elisa, Opus is a great training tool because “not everyone learns the same way. There are so many different learning styles. Opus helps us to adapt our learning style to individual needs.

“Opus makes frontline people feel successful in what they’re doing. That what someone is learning something is making a difference.”