SPiN is a multi-unit table tennis club in the fast-growing "eatertainment" sector. Kristin Small, the Director of Operations at SPiN Global, and Saralyn Tsurumoto, the Global Manager of Training at SPiN Global, transitioned from a legacy LMS to mobile microtraining. Read how they have been able to reach 100% of their workforce with Opus.

Before to Opus, there was a problem

For Kristin and Saralyn, training at SPiN was highly inefficient. They spent months creating learning content, but no time to strategize and the delivery mechanism didn't reach their frontline line. This led to low adoption rates. Kristin, the training director at the time and now the director of operations, realized what technological innovation could do to keep SPiN current. They had been using a traditional Learning Management System. “Schoox was difficult to navigate and was not mobile-friendly,” says Kristin. 

The vast majority of Americans, 97% – own some form of a mobile device. SPiN needed a solution that made training engaging and suitable for younger generations. “If we didn’t change, we were going to be irrelevant to this new generation.“ SPiN's prior strategy involved Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and video recordings embedded in their legacy system. The challenge was content creation among several stakeholders. A single lesson took several weeks to finish.

Additionally, 20% of their workforce does not speak English as a first language. Their old system didn't provide automatic translations and provided a desktop-based solution that didn't accommodate employees working on their feet.

“Once we started talking about the Opus philosophy behind multilingual learning, I knew our values aligned.”

All of these problems led to her decision to make a change the to transition to Opus.

Opus makes content creation easy at SPiN 

Once Kristin decided to move forward with Opus, the results were instantaneous. Onboarding was simple. Their existing content was transferred into Opus. Using the Opus Content Builder, Kristin and her team transitioned their training in a matter of minutes from long, stagnant lessons to interactive microtraining. They also have retained long-form training, however it is now more engaged with media, quizzes, and skill verification baked into the learning experience. Creating a lesson now takes only 10 minutes, from beginning to end. What used to take nearly a week now only took minutes. In fact, Kristin has been know to create a lesson on Opus while at the beach.

A rousing game of ping pong at SPiN

Training use cases are endless

SPiN provides courses on their tech stack (POS systems), standard operating procedures, role-specific training, and leadership training. That leadership training spans operations-level learning like closing procedures and financial errors to soft skills training. Opus gives floor managers piece of mind, “if something goes wrong in the middle of the night.” Saralyn says “more tools for success are available in Opus.”

Opus gives SPiN robust reporting

Reporting is crucial to any company. As the director of operations, Kristin sought out data at every SPiN location. She needed to switch between a director-level view of reporting and the granular, location-level reporting. Opus enables her to monitor every employee's activity in real time. She can see what they are learning and how effectively. She can also get Frontline Business Intelligence in order to better understand her program's effectiveness at the business level.  

As a training manager, Saralyn performs a variety of tasks. In the past, Saralyn had to deal with binders, color codes, and printing mishaps. There was not much time to communicate with employees about changes to training. Now, Saralyn can create content for new hires, menu changes, limited time offers, and compliance with no problem.

Opus engages 100% of employees 

The convenience Opus provides the team at SPiN is priceless. For Kristin and Saralyn, the modern technology and accessibility of Opus make them more relevant and relatable to their younger workforce. 

“Everyone is comfortable navigating a phone, so it makes sense to have a learning platform on it. Most people only have one cell phone. Accessibility is key for sure. It's in everyone's hands, which I love.”

Opus is able to deliver eye-catching videos and relatable memes in addition to funny gifs. With Opus, Saralyn can send a menu-change message blast with a firework explosion. The multimedia ability of Opus helps to create employee engagement. The learning now sticks because of the storytelling involved in training. As SPiN puts it, "Opus is fun - especially at a company that focuses on entertainment."