We're excited to share that we have closed our $2 Million seed round, led by NextView Ventures and Bling Capital. Other investors include the Kleiner Perkins Scout fund, Dan Teran (Managed by Q), Ilia Papas (Blue Apron), and Wiley Cerilli (Single Platform). This fresh round of funding will be used to broaden our product offering in order to further serve our customers in a time when accessible training for the frontline workforce is more critical than ever.

Four years ago, we launched as ESL Works on a mission to bring the frontline forward and upward. To make it easy for employees to engage with their work, expand and showcase their skills, and move up. To meaningfully design solutions for each stakeholder in a company and help them better connect with their majority workforce. Today, we are building toward an expanded vision with a new name. Opus.

Opus unlocks human potential. We build high-impact training technology for frontline workers and accelerate businesses into the new era of work. We do that with a human-first approach to everything we build.

Today, we are building toward an expanded vision with a new name. Opus.

Opus exists to strengthen an employee's relationship with his or her coworkers. To encourage self-discipline and self-awareness and disintegrate the "fear of messing up". To help people develop professional fortitude. Most importantly, we are here to help people develop agency. Agency is the ability to take initiative. Employees with agency tend to act with purpose in order to achieve more in their work and in their lives.

Opus means "a life's work". The future of work must be built with integrity and optimism. Today we are thrilled to begin writing our next chapter.

Welcome to Opus.