What’s new at Opus 🚀

Listen Mode👂

Accessibility is always top of mind at Opus. That's why we enabled text-to-voice technology in the mobile app so that trainees can toggle on "Listen Mode" at the beginning of any course and listen to their training.

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AllerTrain® 2024 Editions 🤧

Protect your guests and your team with AllerTrain®Lite and AllerTrain® Manager (2024 editions). Created by experts at MenuTrinfo®, these premium modules are perfect for refreshing your team's knowledge of food and gluten allergies with ANSI-accredited training that meets mandates in CA, IL, NY, and MD.

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Departments 👫

Now you can organize your team members by franchise, region, brand, location, and — departments! Streamline assignments and automations by grouping team members by role.

Custom Branding 🎨

Multiple brands under one roof? Now you can organize your team members by setting up individual brands in your organization. You'll be able to customize your color and logo so that team members get to interact with the brand tied to their location.

November webinar recap 🎥

New Hire Onboarding: Optimization for Speed & Impact ⚡️

This month, we sat down with Brea Watkins, Director of Training & Development at Levity Live, to discuss how to make NHO efficient and engaging. Watch the full 38-minute recap or read takeaways here.