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61% of job applications were completed over mobile in 2020, virtual meetings are a win for introverts, the new relief bill targets small operators, and meat producers ride the meatless wave

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The Challenge of Widely Available Vaccines

When vaccine supply becomes a non-issue, which could be in a matter of weeks, attention will turn to the unvaccinated. As states continue to relax COVID safety restrictions, a campaigns are already underway. Arguments center around convenience (vaccination trucks) and the benefits of guilt-free travel/socializing. 50% did not plan on getting the vaccine in September, that number is down to 30% today. USA Today (8 min)

How One Texas Restauranteur Took a Stand

Without the backing of the state, Tiffany Derry and her staff at Roots Chicken Shak has seen an increase in conflict over mask-wearing. The lifting of mask mandates has unleashed deeper divides in the community and greater stress on the industry. Still, Derry sees community and local support as the way through. Eater (5 min)

What HR Executives Are Focused on in 2021

The second highest priority for CHROs is training, yet 55% of those surveyed classified their current L&D programs as weak. The scramble to adapt to compliance and operations changes in 2020 has waned. What's bubbling to the surface is a new work culture where leaders must lead differently and staff are more fractured than ever before. HR execs sit at the center of this transformation and the key to success is collaboration.  Harvard Business Review (7 min)

Introverts Are Winning at Virtual Meetings

In-person meetings tend to favor the extroverts - big gestures and a big voice dominate the physical setting. These attributes are diminished on virtual calls, leveling the playing field for more passive participants to be heard. Here are some actionable steps you can take to continue nurturing equal participation in virutal settings. Fast Company (5 min)

What the "America Rescue Plan Act" Means for Food

$30 billion was spent on the Payment Protection Program in Dec 2020. An additional $29 billion is going to food and drink establishments as part of the new $1.9 trillion relief package. This time around the focus is independent restaurants and chains with <20 locations. Individual restaurants can receive up to $5 million in grant money, restaurant groups are capped at $10 million.  The Counter (6 min)

The Meat Industry Versus Alternative Meat

KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, Dunkin and other brands have partnered with alternative meat brands to make meatless offerings a part of their future. Health and environmental concerns are driving the trend. Meanwhile, 40% of meat producers foresee a minimum 10% income decrease as a result. Meat giants like Tyson and Perdue have joined in on the act with their own plant-based alternatives. Forbes (5 min)

Younger Generations Are Rethinking Their Careers

61% of applications were done over mobile in 2020. Young talent is more interested in the career development opportunities tied to a role than they are in high pay. 1/3 of those surveyed said life outside of work is more of a priority than before the pandemic. HR Dive (2 min)