On average, restaurants retain hourly employees for less than 2 months, managers for 4 months. In a high-turnover industry, time and money must be invested wisely in order to attract, recruit and hire top-performers efficiently and consistently. Traditional job sites are not optimized for restaurant hiring managers that are constantly on the hunt for new, reliable talent.

Here are 5 hiring apps for shift workers:

Culinary Agents

Launched in 2012, Culinary Agents is a two-sided marketplace for the hospitality industry.  The company spans 30 cities, is used by 28,000 brands and has nearly 1 million users in the industry. The platform allows employers to post openings ranging from full time, to internships, to a single shift. Employees provide employer feedback and candidates  can apply to businesses with no open roles - applications that businesses can then store, sort and revisit when roles open up. Culinary Agents provides an array of career development resources on its site and recently launched a marketplace where businesses can share and sell supplies and equipment to one another.

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"For businesses, we're a one stop shop. We handle distributing the jobs to our network (920K users nationwide), partner networks and industry networks so that businesses can focus on their guests, teams and themselves. In addition, built in applicant management tools help hiring managers and teams efficiently connect with applicants and passive candidates across the US ultimately saving them time and money."  
~ Alice Cheng, CEO and Founder


Snagajob uses match technology to provide employers with hourly job seekers - a strategy they say reduces qualified applicant volume by 50%. Snagajob conducts interviews and background checks with candidates before adding them to the platform. Candidates schedule their own interviews, and employers can conduct virtual interviews on the platform to reduce no-show rates. Beyond restaurants and hospitality, Snagajob works with ecommerce, logistics and cleaning services companies. Launched in 2000, Snagajob serves employers and job seekers in the U.S and Canada.

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Poached Jobs

Poached Jobs features a job board for the food and drinks industry, an on-demand tool for filling open shifts, and an applicant tracking system for businesses. Employers can message candidates, schedule interviews, and access a simple flipbook style resume viewer on the site. Candidates can track walk-ins, open calls, and recently viewed jobs. Founded in 2011, Poached Jobs is based in Oregon and works with brands like Starbucks, Whole Foods, Shake Shack and more.

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"Building trust is just as important as building software. Restaurant workers know and trust Poached, so when they see a listing on our board, they know it’s a good opportunity. We built trust over time by delivering the best work opportunities possible."
~ Kirk Thornby, CEO and Co-Founder


Harri is an HCM platform that offers job-specific referral links (sent via text or email to all employees as soon as a job is posted), application templates designed for the restaurant industry, text-message based applications and mobile video interviewing. In addition to recruitment, Harri provides scheduling and compliance tools for businesses. In response to COVID-19 the company launched an app-based employee health check feature with trackable data across locations. Launched in 2013,  Harri services brands in the U.S. and U.K.

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Buscando Trabajo

Helping restaurant employers and candidates throughout New York and San Francisco, Buscando Trabajo began as a Facebook group in 2015. Members would post photos of Help Wanted ads they saw on the street along with business addresses and phone numbers, and the community grew from there. The group focuses on native Spanish speakers looking for entry-level jobs (dishwasher, delivery man, etc) for which traditional resumes are unnecessary. Today, the Facebook page has nearly 10,000 followers and has expanded to include posts about local scholarships, grants, and translation services relevant to the community. An accompanying website was launched in 2018.

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Community Based Organizations

Work with Community Based Organizations that work with underrepresented communities. Here are 4 we love:

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