We kicked off 2023 by thinking about accessibility and how it impacts each user in Opus. Our goal of making training accessible to every frontline worker was achievable in 2022 through QR code signup, creating a high-touch experience between frontline managers and trainees.

This year, we went even deeper by investing in features that truly make a difference for our customers, even if that meant challenging the way things have always been done. We took big steps with generative AI, changed the way our customers look at compliance, adapted our training experience for multiple languages and learning styles, and more. Travel back in time with us as we spotlight 2023’s major releases.

Opus Roadmap

  • Translations
  • New Training App Experience
  • Check-ins & QR Code Assignment
  • Compliance Training
  • AI Assist
  • Custom Reporting & Leaderboards

100+ Languages, 99% Accuracy 🌐

We began the year by launching Translations so that each and every user in your company can train in the language that helps them learn best. Across all customers, users are training in: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinese, Albanian, Italian, Mongolian, Turkish, Khmer, Korean, Haitian Creole, Greek, Croatian, Vietnamese, Amharic, Bengali, Farsi, and Nepali. 

"I think this is a great showcase of the importance of Opus. I was ready to print those (courses) in three languages and spend $10,000 at Office Depot, because I need 10 in Spanish, 5 in English and 2 in Ukranian....I even slapped myself and said dude, you're getting Opus, why are you printing this?"

- Alejandro Perez, Operations at ZIKI

Swipe up (or listen) to learn 📱

Perhaps our biggest change this year happened to our mobile app. We said goodbye to our chat-based interface in order to embrace media in a visually-driven, fullscreen training experience. This way, the Opus Training app immerses users in learning content and utilizes a familiar swipe-up experience that’s consistent with the apps they know and love. We also added in text-to-voice technology so that learners who need assistance can listen to their training.

“The (new) training experience is phenomenal. It is seamless and the full screen layout is more in line with other apps that are popular, which further supports our target demographic of learners (trainees). In an unexpected way it actually makes some of the gif animations less "distracting" since it is more seamlessly integrated into the screen interface.”

- Angela Gintz, Director of Learning & Development at Salt & Straw

More ways to blend in-person with digital 🤝

With the launch of Check-ins and QR Code Assignment, we expanded Opus to capture on-the-job coaching sessions and skill verifications with Check-ins. By building Check-ins into training modules, admins can customize forms that give managers the tools and agency they need to conduct 1:1s with trainees. With QR Code Assignment, team members can now self-serve on resources and courses while they’re on the floor. 

"Opus is a lot easier to access in the moment, which makes everyone better at their job. For employees, they have all the info they need with them at all times. For trainers and managers, they can check-in on employees and solve their problem right there with them. It saves everyone a lot of time.” 

- Gina Oglewood, General Manager at Hopdoddy

Compliance training made easy ✅

We heard how compliance training is a costly headache for HR and training admins from nearly all of our customers. We tackled this head-on by partnering with experts across HR, law, and food safety to develop a suite of compliance content geared specifically toward restaurants and hospitality businesses. Customers can assign, track, and certify compliance across all locations (even if it’s across all 50 states!), all in one place. We started with Sexual Harassment Prevention and expanded our compliance training suite by adding Food Manager, Food Handlers, and Allergen Safety training.

"The interactive nature of the training kept us engaged throughout. Real-world scenarios and case studies were presented thoughtfully, allowing for a nuanced exploration of the complexities surrounding sexual harassment."

- Yuting Shen, Director of Learning & Development at PLANTA

Go the distance with AI Assist 🪄

Creating new training content at the speed of which your business moves is no easy feat. So when ChatGPT debuted, we were excited to infuse generative AI into our content builder to make creating new course templates and module outlines even faster and easier. So far, Opus customers have used AI Assist to create 2,000+ courses and modules, generate quizzes, and add in images, emojis, and GIFs.

“I was surprised that I use AI more often than not now.  I had a kitchen manager who needed to address a certain issue we’ve been having around being accommodating towards special allergy type modifications. I created the course all using AI. The kitchen manager, who is not usually that complimentary about the courses, came back and said, “Wow, this was great!” Just the language AI comes up with helps make it more friendly and digestible for everyone.”

- Melissa Plowman, Owner at Parkway Grill

One destination for reporting 📈

In training, reporting needs change so frequently so there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect dashboard’. What employers need is access to all of their data. Thanks to tons of customer feedback, we overhauled our reporting dashboard to offer admins readily exportable reports and leaderboards, but also access to all of their training data captured in Opus. This gives an admin in Opus the ability to create the custom reports they need and automate weekly updates straight to their inbox. 

“This is amazing. The first thing that comes to mind is I’ve been exporting spreadsheets for each course and then creating a master sheet to do exactly this. You just saved me a labor intensive headache. We can just use the dashboard presentations through Zoom to show the numbers and customize it. Wow!”

- Jhony Acosta, HR Manager at Hart House

With over 1 million completed training under our belt (and not to mention a fresh new look!), we’re excited for what 2024 has in store. Even after a year of incredible evolution, it’s been a joy to watch our customers grow and transform with us with the same goal in mind: to ensure that every frontline worker has a great job.