Why Internal Newsletters?

Getting weekly announcements to all of your frontline teams is no easy feat. Hopdoddy keeps their teams in the loop by transforming their old internal email newsletters into engaging training modules that allow them to track engagement beyond clicks and opens. Employees who were not checking their emails promptly before each shift are now able to receive important updates like reminders of LTOs and team announcements in the form of ongoing training.

A bird's eye view of Hopdoddy's 'Same Page' newsletters. Scan the QR code below to see them for yourself.

Diving into the Module

While modules in Opus are traditionally used to train team members on-the-job, this module at Hopdoddy spotlights how you can use modules to structure important team-related updates in the form of training. This makes for a more effective communication channel than email or message blasts. Here are a few things that also stood out to us:

  • Better Tracking & Feedback: Hopdoddy opts to put the weekly “Same Page” newsletter content into courses (vs. email) so that engagement and completion can be tracked and trainees have the opportunity to respond via course feedback.
  • Internal Team Culture & Morale: Inside the module, you’ll see a medley of announcements that showcase team members of the week, upcoming holidays, and reminders on HR processes. There are also separate versions for managers and team members so that the messaging is targeted to the right employee.
  • Brand-Building & Accessible. This module features a ton of custom-branded Hopdoddy graphics that really enhance the course.
Kim Evans (Hopdoddy’s Director of Training) ensures that any graphic with text is written out in the body of the screen so that it can be translated. Learn more about Translations best practices.

Tour: What Makes This Great Training

Watch this demo for a walk through of what makes this module a great example of training in Opus.

Hungry for more?

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