Microlearning is brief, frequent, and just-in-time digital instruction that is an alternative to conventional learning methods like e-learning (also known as computer-based education or structured learning). Deskless employees may benefit from a microlearning strategy that includes actionable tactics from start to finish in this article. Microlearning is any type of education that lasts less than 10 minutes. Micro-learning techniques are brief in order to educate humans in a single sitting. The concept of spacing is behind microlearning, in which it is difficult to remember knowledge separated over time. What if your company wants to invest in microlearning? To learn something effectively, it should be divided over time.

What is micro-learning? When learning takes less than 10 minutes, it's micro-learning. The key phrase here is 'brief.' This is due to the 'spacing effect,' which is the notion that humans are unable to remember a large amount of information at once. The concept behind micro-learning is that it's difficult to learn if you split it up over time. If you're interested in micro-learning, you should ask yourself if your company should invest in it.

If you can answer "yes" to these 5 questions, a micro-learning program at your business may be the right move:


Question 1

Do you have a large number of deskless workers? - If you have a large percentage of deskless workers, micro-learning might be a good way to help them learn and retain information. 

Question 2

Do your deskless workers need access to ongoing resources? - If your deskless workers need access to learning resources like a corporate intranet, micro-learning might be a good way to help them learn even more. 

Question 3

Are you managers strapped for time but still coach your team? - If your managers are stretched thin but still training on the job, a microlearning program can help ease some of the burden they feel.

Question 4

Is your workforce diverse in age, ethnicity, and learning style? - If your workforce is diverse in many ways, a microlearning program will help you address each employee's unique needs and preferences at a low cost.

Question 5

Does your company have clear goals for a training program? - If you have clear goals for a training program, then you have already established a culture of learning which is the first step toward a great microlearning program.