Why Manager Training?

Manager training and internal promotions are integral parts of Levity Live's growth and career development strategy. Strong, well-versed managers help to ensure smooth operations and excellent customer service and are expected to understand all parts of Levity Live’s operations. Building a culture where team members promote from within fosters loyalty and ambition among the staff, contributing to a positive company culture.

Diving into the Module

Think of modules as a blank canvas for developing training. Modules are typically tied to a use case or training objective—in this case, Levity Live assigns this module to team members that are being promoted internally from team member to Front of House (FOH) managers. Because this module is meant to be completed over the course of several weeks, it’s packed with tons of courses and resources. Here are a few things that also stood out to us:

  • Multi-week Microlearning: All of the courses are focused, short and designed to be completed during their shift, not taking them away from the floor.
  • Resource-rich: For trainings where there’s a lot of ground to cover, adding resources at the end of the course is a great way to ensure that team members can easily recall important information from their library.
  • Multimedia-dense: Levity Live leverages multiple types of media (GIFs, emojis, branded imagery, and training videos) throughout the module to keep trainees engaged.
Modules in Opus can be big or small. Using sections to organize your courses can help you guide team members through long-term training.

Tour: What Makes This Great Training

Watch this demo for a walk through of what makes this module a great example of training in Opus.

Hungry for more?

Scan the QR code below to put yourself in the shoes of an aspiring Levity Live manager. Curious about more training examples? View the full collection here.