Why Role-Based Training?

At the Feinstein Group, Zack and Christina Feinstein believe in creating one-of-a-kind dining experience across their three concepts: The Black Pearl, The Living Room, and Sonder Social Club. As a hospitality group with multiple concepts across the Tampa Bay area, team members trained to ’s standards regardless of the restaurant they’ll be working at. This means a host or hostess at The Feinstein Group receives the same baseline so that they can work at any of the restaurants.

A high-level overview of The Feinstein Group's module. Scan the QR code below to see the training for yourself.

Diving into the Module

Think of modules as a blank canvas for developing training. Modules are typically tied to a use case or training objective—in this case, The Feinstein Group assigns this module to team members that are going to be working the host station at any one of their concepts. This module also is designed to complement their host training workbook that they’ll reference in person during their shifts. Here are a few things that also stood out to us:

  • Topic Mastery and Flexibility: Even at a multi-concept hospitality group, not every piece of training has to be concept-specific so that courses can be used across a number of modules.
  • Balance of Soft & Technical Skills: This module showcases a good balance of how you can train on soft skills like customer service, as well as how to properly use the POS (Toast) in one.
  • Focused Sections & Check-ins: Bundling related topics into focused sections can help prevent “topic burnout” overtime. Plus, each module section begins with a course that sets context for what’s next and ends with a check-in so that trainees can connect with their manager.
Structuring your training in Opus is key to getting the most out of every module. Tie learning objectives to individual courses so that one course can be used across a variety of modules. Learn more about how to build modules in Opus.

Tour: What Makes This Great Training

Watch this demo for a walk through of what makes this module a great example of training in Opus.

Hungry for more?

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