Why Guest Service Training?

At a hospitality group like PLANTA, guest service training is paramount. It ensures that every guest has a consistently high-quality experience, reinforcing our brand's reputation for excellent service. When a guest walks into PLANTA, they’ll receive the same greeting, hear the same lingo, and become familiar with PLANTA’s hospitality. Well-trained staff can handle a wide range of situations, ensuring guests leave with a positive impression of their visit. It’s this level of attention to detail that has become synonymous with the PLANTA brand and what repeat guests expect with every visit.

A bird's eye view of PLANTA's 'Concierge Service Techniques' course.

Diving into the Module

Think of modules as a blank canvas for developing training. Modules are typically tied to a use case or training objective, and can drive several learning outcomes. PLANTA’s Guest Service Training comprises of 3 basic courses and 1 check-in. Here’s what stood out to us:

  • Blended Learning: The module showcases a “how to” training scenario on guest soft skills combining digital training with in-person validation through a check-in.
  • Personalization: By using {{Name}} merge fields, the training feels personalized to the employee.
  • Media-Rich: Each course pulls in a wide variety of GIFs and emojis from the GIPHY library. This keeps the training engaging and fresh.
When in doubt, all training in Opus can fall back on what we like to call the 4 M’s: Multilingual, Media-rich, Mobile-first, and Microlearning.

Tour: What Makes This Great Training

Watch this demo for a walkthrough of what makes this module a great example of training in Opus.

Hungry for more?

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